Shore People

Beach Volleyball Big Hitters

I Love My Sport: Holly Isherwood and Domi Menoita

Beach volleyball continues to grow in popularity as a competitive sport and two Shore schoolgirls are among the...

issue 89 july 2018

Marc and Brian the Pug

MY DOG & ME: Marc Wendelborn & Brian the Pug

In association with our good friends at DogHQ each month we meet Shore people whose four-legged family members...

issue 88 june 2018

Golden Girl Holly's Diving Success

Channel People: I Love My Sport

Returning from the national diving championships this autumn with five medals around her neck was proof of Holly...

issue 88 june 2018

Lifelong Learning

This month we aim to inspire and encourage readers to expand their learning.  Winter can be a great time...

issue 88 june 2018