Driving Miss Daisy North Bays, new owner - Corlize Britz
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Driving Miss Daisy North Bays, new owner - Corlize Britz

Corlize Britz is the proud new owner of the North Bays franchise and will be offering the same high quality service that all Driving Miss Daisy clients enjoy throughout New Zealand.

Corlize and her husband Jan saw the opportunity to purchase the Driving Miss Daisy North Bays franchise and immediately knew that Corlize would be the perfect fit. Corlize has an extensive background in customer support and has also been a volunteer for a number of years. These skills along with her energy for delivering personalised service will be well utilised in her North Bays franchise. Going the extra mile comes naturally to Corlize and she is excited about providing the Driving Miss Daisy service to new and existing clients.
At Driving Miss Daisy, they are always mindful of their clients’ wellbeing, ensuring that they are comfortable and safe. This reliable service is for anybody who cannot drive or no longer drives. It’s about helping people maintain, or regain, their independence.
Driving Miss Daisy is committed to helping clients get out and about, so they can live life to the full and enjoy every moment. Corlize is happy to accompany clients to appointments, help out with their shopping or take them on an outing to a café or movie.  No matter whether you need to get to an appointment, run a few errands or have an activity you’d like her to help with, call Corlize today to discuss.
Driving Miss Daisy is a pre-booked, pre-quoted service – this ensures that your booking is scheduled to your time frames and that you know how much it will cost when you book. They accept Total Mobility cards and are ACC approved with all cars being able to accommodate walkers and folding wheelchairs.

Corlize Britz, Driving Miss Daisy, North Bays
Phone: 473 8186 or 021 473 818


By Browns Bay Magazine

Channel Magazine: Issuu 68 August 2016

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