The Hottest City in the World!
Geraldine Zareian.
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The Hottest City in the World!

The luxury property market increased by 65% last year to overtake Toronto, Canada. We now have more properties selling for over $1.5M than anywhere else.
Continued interest in property on the North Shore is evident both from within and outside of NZ. We have not seen the regular pattern of the 7 year cycle as there has not been a downturn. How long could this carry on? - anybody’s guess.
The OCR remained the same at the last review, which was a cautionary move. It is expected to lower after the next 6 week cycle. This could lead to a lower rate for borrowing and make higher property prices more affordable on the monthly income for a while.
American Airlines will commence flying into Auckland from June 2016. How relevant is this you ask? People who travel on credit card Airpoints in the US will now be enticed to travel here. A surge of interest could see new players in the property market. This may create more competition! My prediction….

“The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it”
Abraham Lincoln

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