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How Open Are You to Receiving?
Vivienne Kelly.
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How Open Are You to Receiving?

This article is specifically to the GIVERS out there…

Some of us get ourselves into the mindset of giving, giving, giving. We feel useful, contributing and kind. Our self-image gets a wonderful positive boost. But without a balance, we become drained, resentful and quite honestly, not that effective. Let’s check in with different ways of receiving that help us be even more effective in our generosity of ourselves.
How receptive are you to compliments? We are taught to be humble. Compliments can make us feel in the spotlight and uncomfortable. Let’s use the example of someone saying ‘Thanks so much, you have really inspired me.’ It could be tempting to say ‘Oh it’s nothing.’ By owning the compliment ‘I am inspiring’, you are topped up and can relate to being inspiring – leading to being more inspiring. Taking the compliment supports you to be more.
How receptive are you to gifts? If you are a Giver, gifts may make you extremely uncomfortable. You may be left with a feeling of owing back – often a MINIMUM of the gift plus a bit extra... Consider this: Others also get a boost from giving. Accept the kindness and don’t rob them of their giving pleasure. You don’t always have to return the favour. Sometimes just honour that person by receiving freely.
How receptive are you to help? Again, it boosts others to give it. If you are depleted, uncertain, overwhelmed, it is absolutely ok to ask for help. It gives those around you an opportunity to step up, contribute, feel needed. Being vulnerable sometimes is being a role model to others that it is ok to be less than perfect. It’s called being human. Nothing wrong with that!
How receptive are you to feedback? Mmm, sensitive issue here. We don’t always like to hear feedback, especially if it challenges us. I’ve noticed that a GROWTH mindset helps here. ‘How does that feedback (even insult) help me to grow and be even better?’ It takes a courageous attitude to rise to this one.
What else could you be receptive to?

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By Vivienne Kelly

Channel Magazine: Issue 79 August 2017

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