Too many Cooks in the kitchen?
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Too many Cooks in the kitchen?
No way!...the more the merrier at our Kindergarten!

Our fundraising was put to good use to purchase a custom-made mud kitchen. Our children helped to design it, telling us what they think a good kitchen should have.

This was just some of many ideas that our children shared…

“It needs to have places for hanging pots… and plates for sand cooking and mixing around. It needs cupboards to put things away” - Acacia

“We need to cook food for our friends in the kitchen” - Sofia

“It needs a sink and a tap for water to pour out” - Lily

“It needs to have so many cool things” - Levi

Since our new mud kitchen arrived, the children have been cooking up a storm! We have had all sorts of cakes, muffins, cup cakes being concocted, mixed and stirred up!
The mud kitchen has provided learning opportunities for purposeful and meaningful dramatic play and sensory exploration utilising our wild area as a virtual pantry for finding natural resources to decorate and embellish their cakes with acorns, leaves, twigs and bark.
While cooking our little chefs are working collaboratively, negotiating when working alongside their friends, planning new recipes, and sharing their ideas. It is a way to be creative, to explore their working theories and to role play and reenact what they see in the world around them.
The journey of experimental cooking with our mud kitchen has only just begun! There are so many more things for us to learn and we cant wait to see how inspired our budding little chefs will be.

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Channel Magazine: Issuu 68 August 2016

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