Transforming Communication
Kelly Samson.
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Transforming Communication

Julie felt mad.  No……she felt steaming mad!  How many times did she need to have this ‘discussion’ with her husband Mike?  You could almost see the steam rising from her head as they threw words back and forth at each other.  No matter what she said he just didn’t seem to get it!
It had all started so well, she knew what she wanted to say but it came out all wrong, and then Mike got all defensive and now she felt like she was in the wrong.  What had happened?  As they went back and forth the words became louder and sharper, it seemed to be a downward spiral.  They both were talking but no one was listening!  The argument was bad enough but afterwards their connection that had been so wonderfully strong now seemed lost, cold and distant.
To make matters worse, she noticed that her kids didn’t seem to care what she said anymore either.  Getting them to listen to her was all but impossible – she was at her wits end.
And then the a ray of light shone through the dark clouds.  Julie heard about ‘Transforming Communication’ and it was like suddenly getting the instruction manual for having successful communication that actually worked.  It turned out by really listening to her kids and then helping them solve their own problems they are all happier.  What a relief to figure out she didn’t need to take their on their problems after all and they were delighted!  
Then by pausing to figure out what was really troubling her, fully owning that and then honestly talking about it with Mike, rather than just some surface distraction she felt so much calmer.  Plus by doing this Mike now really hears her needs and wants, and she hears his.  It’s like a breath of fresh air on a summer’s day.  They have their connection back and it feels wonderful for them both!
Now instead of feeling the distance between her loved ones they are all moving in harmony and growing together.  The sound of yelling in the house has been replaced by laughter, love and smiles, not only in her family but with her work and friends also.  By harnessing her authentic and effective communication life now feels great.

~Transforming Communications is ideal for anyone who is committed to improving their relationships and enjoying life fully~

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By Browns Bay Magazine

Channel Magazine: Issuu 66 June 2016

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