Ski Goggles With Bling
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Ski Goggles With Bling

Haydons are always looking out for the latest in technology to help you see the world at its best.

Winter is on our doorstep and, for all who enjoy a bit of snow skiing as a recreational sport, we have found a fantastic new product.

ZEISS has released a new range of ski goggles that have a prescription adaptor so you can now wear a ski goggle with your correction. The adaptor fits in behind the ski goggle lens; we put your prescription in to the adaptor so you can achieve the best vision for you. The adaptor can also be removed if you happen to also wear contact lenses. This means you can have the best of both worlds. 

Here are some of their benefits:

Maximum vision through outstanding ZEISS optics - Better contrast thanks to the special coating technologies from ZEISS meaning snow goggles help skiers read the slopes in all weather. This provides added safety, even at high speeds and in unfamiliar terrain. Various special tints, polarizing filters and mirror coatings ensure that the personal demands of the skier are not neglected.

Stylish look - ZEISS snow goggles are more than an accessory; they are also a fashion item to match the personal style of the wearer.

Ideal for spectacle wearers - A clip insert containing your prescription can be easily attached to ZEISS snow goggles, which ensures perfect, relaxed vision for every spectacle wearer.

We suggest you pop in today to view the range. Don’t forget, if it’s been a while since you have had your eyes examined we would recommend you book in to have an eye examination, so you are getting the best vision you can whilst whizzing down the slopes this winter.   

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By David Haydon

Channel Magazine: Issue 77 June 2017

Columnist articles by David Haydon