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Set the Date
Geraldine Zareian.
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Set the Date

Every four years the same trend happens and this year is no different!

The election date has been set for the 23rd September and it has become the end date for a political campaign and the beginning of a property marketing campaign.
Properties are still selling over a longer period and the auction campaign success rate is still over 73%. Although lending restrictions are dictating conditional offers, due to lenders wanting building reports or valuations.
Auction is still the highest performing method of sale!
As long as vendors know that the property could sell before, during or after the auction day, it is the best way to drive prospective buyers to view your home. They may not be able to bid at auction but there are offers being presented within a few days afterwards. Some become multiple offers that bring in a competitive price. Focus on the end result.
“Vote for Me” to Get You SOLD!

 “Begin with the End in Mind” – Stephen Covey

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By Geraldine Zareian

Channel Magazine: Issue 79 August 2017

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