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Body Hair? Gone with IPL

Have you been shaving or waxing all Summer long? Sick of stubbles and fast regrowth?
Have you been thinking about a more permanent solution?
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a treatment similar to, but safer than Laser hair removal. Light at a wavelength of 610nm (this has nothing to do with UVA or UVB and is absolutely safe for the skin) is directed at the hair and creates heat around the hair root. As a result, the hair does not regrow!
IPL can be used for small or large areas on any part of the body. The technology has been around for about 20 years. It is safe and very effective. However, success depends on the training of the therapist and the quality of the machine. At ESCAPE we use a top-class European machine and our results are outstanding.
We always conduct a thorough and honest pre-treatment consultation and test. If your hair or skin type is not suitable for the treatment, we will tell you! Consultations are FREE!
If you want to be hair-free by next Summer – make an appointment at ESCAPE. We guarantee best IPL results at a fair price.
At Escape, we also use IPL to remove pigmentation on the skin (sun spots) and skin rejuvenation. Talk to our experienced therapists about you needs.

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Channel Magazine: Issuu 52 March 2015

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