Kiwis are a generous bunch!
Life Education North Shore’s educator Harriet with children at Sunnynook School.
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Kiwis are a generous bunch!

There’s not much doubt we Kiwis are a generous bunch. I see so many signs of this that it warms my heart and makes me feel we are living in a great country with good and caring people. 

The power of television certainly helps, when someone like John Campbell pushes a needy issue and the collections head into the tens of thousands of dollars. However, the recent case where a mother of six was assaulted when she was trying to defend a woman from a handbag snatcher here on the Shore, blew us all away when in excess of $250,000 was donated. In this case, I guess the disgust we all felt at the incident, along with our sympathy for her, pulled pretty strongly at some heart strings — and rightly so.   

At Life Education we rely on the generosity of local companies and individuals to take our programme to the 15,000 children we see each year on the Shore. 

From Life Education’s start up in New Zealand 25 years ago, the decision was made that the nominal fees we charge would be kept manageable so that no one missed out. As such, these fees cover about one third of the actual costs of our programme and the remainder is made up by the generous contributions of Charitable Trusts, local companies and individuals. We consider ourselves very lucky to have the recognition of the following people who know that what we do has a positive influence on the direction of young lives:

Albany Rotary – raised substantial money for a major classroom refurbishment three years ago.  

Lottery Grants Board, Pub Charities and the Lion Foundation – have always supported us to assist with our educators’ salaries and general costs.

Oceanbridge Shipping – has been making donations for many years and made a substantial payment two years ago after a very successful golf day.

Albany Toyota – makes regular ongoing substantial donations to us.

Smith & Davies – has transported our classrooms between schools and helped us maintain them for many years.

Boat Haulage – has transported our classrooms between schools for many years.

Bonney’s Container Transport – has transported our classrooms for the last two years.

Benefitz – has made donations of materials and services for our fundraising events. 

Hugh Green Foundation – paid fees in full for the past three years for Onepoto School, the only decile one school on North Shore. These costs have just recently been picked up by NZ Home Loans North Harbour for the next three years.  

Youthtown & Fourwinds Foundation – have donated costs towards the work books that are handed out to each child.

Trillian Trust – has just recently donated costs towards a new classroom upgrade.

Apollo Accounting, Albany Insurance, HWI Accounting, Inside Out Cleaning, Opus International Consultants, NZ Home Loans North Harbour and the McGrath and Sexton families have all made donations towards our costs.        

So, if you want to buy a Toyota or use any of our regular donors above, don’t hesitate to let them know you appreciate what they do for Life Education – it will help us no end. 

And on that note, from someone who is feeling really positive about things and enjoying the summer days as they increase towards the end of the year — onwards and upwards.

Barry Kirk-Burnnand, Chair, Life Education Trust North Shore


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