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Training with the Best

It may seem as if the basics of Pilates are fairly simple, but in fact, over the course of their training, teachers of the method develop an in-depth understanding of hundreds of exercises.

The team at Pilates Unlimited devotes time each year to the Romana's Pilates Continuing Professional Education programme, as well as taking workshops and lessons from international teacher trainers throughout the year. This month, the team gathered most of New Zealand's Romana's Pilates certified teachers at the Takapuna studio to learn from Level 1 Master Teacher Cynthia Lochard, and Level 4 Teacher Trainers Zanzi Mann and Tamika Walker, all from Sydney.  

Cynthia Lochard is one of only three teachers worldwide to provide the formal continuing education programme, which includes reviewing advanced and super-advanced exercises, discussing injuries and special conditions, teaching lesser-known exercises and variations, and sharing insights into the philosophy and history of Joseph Pilates. "It's so inspiring for all of us as teachers, and gives us lots of great things to share with our clients," says owner Carole Fraser.

In addition, several apprentice teachers passed examinations to further their Pilates careers, and the team were able to take private lessons with the teacher trainers - all valuable learning experiences that enrich their work with clients!

If you'd like to try Pilates with some of New Zealand's most qualified and experienced instructors, contact the studio on 486 1018 or email The studio is in its 14th year and is located ground floor rear 18 Northcroft Street Takapuna , just along from The Department Store.

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Channel Magazine: Issuu 49 November 2014

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