By Mackenzie Louise Kench, Yes Disability Resource Centre
Youth Week: Yes I Can
Past "Yes I Can" Graduates.
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Youth Week: Yes I Can

Youth Week, which was held from the 26th of May to the 4th of June, was all about acknowledging and celebrating the talents, passion and success of young people across the country.

This is a familiar theme for the staff at the Yes Disability Resource Centre. We, at the Yes Disability Resource Centre, are currently working on ensuring we are providing young people with the services they need and want, to become the best adult they can be.

Our goal is to make this happen by using a “youth serving youth” strategy; meaning we keep up to date with the current youth perspective rather than trying to develop services based on older people's experiences and opinions. This means including youth, through our youth engagement group and other interested parties, in the development, redesign and implementation of our services.

One service designed by young New Zealanders and offered by the Yes Disability Resource Centre, is a course called Yes I Can. The purpose of these workshops is to encourage other young adults to develop an understanding of their own identity and their core attributes they could potentially bring into leadership roles. Thanks to a Youth Week grant from Ara Taihoi, the Yes Disability Resource Centre was able to run a workshop, to coincide with Youth Week. On the same weekend, an adjacent course was held to train the next generation of "Yes I Can" facilitators to run future workshops.

If you are interested in attending one of our next "Yes I Can" workshops, please contact me.

By Mackenzie Kench

Channel Magazine: Issue 77 June 2017

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