beach. – now open for dinner
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beach. – now open for dinner
One of the Shore's best spots on the Browns Bay beach front

Great news from the Browns Bay beach front – beach. that fabulous cafe is now open for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday evenings for 'family-style' service with a menu that changes weekly. To reflect this new initiative the name has changed ever so slightly as well to 'beach. bistro'.
Meals are priced from $25 per person, there is an optional entrée platter to share. All mains are served in bowls with potato and tossed salad greens. There is also a choice of two dessert options and coffee.
Check-out their website for more details and look out for a GrabOne deal coming very soon.

Lets talk Coffee – with Steve Laird of beach.
“All Baristas are coffee makers – not all coffee makers are Baristas”
barista: a trained professional skilled in the art preparing perfect espresso based coffees
The coffee in your cup or glass is final stage of a long journey from a pair of beans in a berry from a coffee tree to the delicately roasted blends of your favorite coffee companies, the coffee maker is often the weakest link.
There is an art in ‘pulling’ the perfect shot, the grind has to be just right, the ‘tamp’ just so and the cup nice and hot otherwise they have just made you hot brown water that may taste of coffee.
What is in a name?
Unfortunately not all cafes follow the same recipes when it comes to your coffee.
Here is an explanation of your favorite beverages:-
SHOT: 8-10gms of perfectly ground fresh beans, extracted to 20-30mls of fabulous black coffee.
ESPRESSO: 2 SHOTS in a small glass or cup (demi tasse).
LONG BLACK: 2 SHOTS in a hot cup with hot water on the side (as with a Single Malt Scotch everyones level of water is different).
FLAT WHITE: 1 SHOT with velvet milk (a kiwi invention).
CAPPUCCINO: 1 SHOT w/ velvet & foamy milk topped with chocolate or cinnamon.
LATTE: 2 SHOTS in a 300ml glass with velvet milk.
EXTRA HOT: if your coffee maker is a Barista, they will know that velvet milk is steamed to 65ºc, hotter than this and it will collapse into thin milk often with a burnt after-taste. Perfectly hot coffee is served in a hot cup. Start asking for a hot Cup or Glass, you won't offend your Barista and will educate your coffee maker.

Hospo Tip #205
"You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."
Hospitality staff respond better to the sweeter approach than to a sour attitude.

Alternatives to Milk
“Soy milk is not your only option to Lactose issues.”
At beach. they take your enjoyment of coffee and your health seriously, offering a range of options
Firstly, they exclusively use locally farmed Organic blue and trim, it just tastes so much better.
Barista SOY: organic and gluten free (125 Cal per latte).
ALMOND MILK: gluten free, low fat and high in antioxidant vitamin E (198 Cal per latte).
RICE MILK: cholesterol and gluten free, zero lactose GM free brown rice (125 Cal per latte)
BUFFALO MILK: an A2 milk, a rich source of riboflavin, vitamins B12, A and C (252 cal per latte).

beach. bistro – 1a Beachfront Lane ■ Browns Bay. Phone 479 9628. Email:

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Channel Magazine: Issuu 49 November 2014

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