Does Your Teen Need Bully-Proofing?
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Does Your Teen Need Bully-Proofing?
THE LIFE COACH: Vivienne Kelly, Momentum Life Coaching & Training

Why is it that some kids, teens and even adults seem to attract all the wrong attention from peers, while others glide through life with no issues in this department?
One of the main keys to avoid bullying is confidence.  The best kind, of course, is a deep sense of self-worth that oozes from your pores and seems to be almost tangibly present.  A good start for some however, is to know how to appear confident while building that internal self-belief.
In our Teens 4 Teens group coaching program, we work with 13-15 year olds in small groups to build a strong foundation of self-understanding and acceptance; communication skills and strategies to handle tricky situations; and some basic coaching skills on how to support others. (That has the added advantage of building confidence even further!).
In an ideal world, teens would turn to the adults in their lives for support and guidance.  However in reality, many of them turn to each other and receive bad advice.  It was this realisation that sparked the idea of giving teens the skills to support each other in an effective manner.
An exciting aspect of the Teens 4 Teens approach, is that it is co-facilitated by a skilled teen alongside a Momentum Life Coach. 14 Year old Rachel Kelly, who has overcome challenges of her own, brings an inspiring presence in to the group and models how it is possible to take ownership over your life.
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