Fast Track Your Mortgage Repayments
Ross Whitmore
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Fast Track Your Mortgage Repayments
Let Ross and the Team Show You How

New Zealand Home Loans clients have thrown out the traditional slow-grind to paying off their mortgages, in favour of fast-track repayment of their mortgages. 

Anyone can go to their bank and get a ‘great rate’ and we can still offer the same Rate, but we also go one step further and show our clients how to reduce their debt at a ‘great rate’ without changing their lifestyle or spending habits, saving them thousands of dollars in interest costs.

Ross Whitmore - Business Owner: New Zealand Home Loans Takapuna

Over 40 years in the finance sector has resulted in a huge amount of experience for Ross Whitmore. From Bank Manager of one of the major trading banks to Mortgage Broker for some of the top firms in Auckland, it is fair to say that when it comes to mortgages, Ross has seen it all. 

Or so he thought until he was introduced to New Zealand Home Loans. 

Ross was so impressed with how New Zealand Home Loans looked after their clients, that he decided he had to work for them. 

After only one year with New Zealand Home Loans, Ross was awarded #1 New Business Consultant and Rookie of the Year.

He then decided to take up a partnership offer in the Takapuna branch and now this branch is one of the top performing branches in the New Zealand Home Loans network.

Our catch phrase ‘Helping our clients to become Debt Free Faster’ is nothing new and Ross always enjoys showing new clients how easy this process can be and would welcome a meeting at any time to discuss and demonstrate this process.

Banks structure mortgages so your repayments are paying minimal principle and therefore you will pay more interest than you really need to pay. This has been the norm for so many years that Kiwis think this is the only option and therefore will shop around for a ‘great rate’.

New Zealand Home Loans strategy is simple; we structure your accounts so you have the ability to pay more principle without making larger repayments or changing your spending habits. 

It is so simple and has worked for over 17 years, that on average our clients reduce the term of their Mortgage by eight years.

As for the 'great rates' on offer from the major banks at the moment – New Zealand Home Loans Takapuna can also provide the same ‘great rates’ but we have the added advantage of showing our clients how to pay off their mortgage at a ‘great rate’.

New Zealand Home Loans, Takapuna Branch, 7 Anzac St, Takapuna 09 486 3923

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