Five steps to a sustainable summer
Learn to weave next year’s Christmas presents at our Flax Academy Summer School, 24 January - 22 February.

Five steps to a sustainable summer
Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre offers some tips for giving and kicking back the naturally smarter way

The North Shore’s environment centre exists to help people with their environmental challenges – that includes minimising waste and resources when we go all out at Christmas.

1. Packaging and wrapping – don’t be the problem!
Start before you leave the shop – choose gifts that aren’t in packaging and don’t accept plastic bags at the checkout. When wrapping, re-purpose something funky like a free city street map or an artsy festival flyer and use twine not tape. Budget stores have heaps of re-useable gift bags and baskets.

2. Give the gift of learning
Rethink the whole present idea by giving a gift ‘experience’ that can’t be used-up or discarded. Practical courses and workshops are presents with longevity, yet we rarely think to buy them for each other. Bee-keeping, flax-weaving, keeping chooks, guided bush walks… learn to live more sustainably at

3. Go local and keep local beautiful
At the park, reserve and beach, take your litter home. Over-stuffed bins aren’t pretty and if the wind doesn’t spread the rubbish far and wide, the seagulls will. Ask Santa for a good reusable drinks bottle or coffee cup instead of buying plastic, single-use ones.

4. Coast to the coast
Gotta get away? Check car tyres are properly inflated, remove unnecessary roof-racks and avoid erratic bursts of acceleration and braking – taking the weight off and limiting your car’s inertia means greater fuel efficiency. Buddy up and car-pool if you can to take more cars off the road – simple.

5. Make a resolution to get fit and do good
Forget the costly gym and the boring treadmill. North Shore bush restoration groups have weekly working bees that act like free al fresco work-outs - and they always need more volunteers. Do your bending, stretching and gentle perspiring in good company to the soundtrack of native birds amid the backdrop of our beautiful reserves. Visit or

And when summer’s over… Kaipatiki Project will once again be bringing you Ecofest North (14 March – 12 April), a community festival for the Shore celebrating everything good and green. Got an idea for an event? Email

Kaipatiki Project is your local Environment Centre, 17 Lauderdale Road, Birkdale (Mon-Fri 9am-3pm) 09 482 1172


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