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Brazilian food a big hit
Business Profile: Durello Traditional Brazilian Foods

Channel Magazine is all about celebrating "local". Local people and businesses achieving success. Success stories don't come much better than the achievements of local Murray's Bay couple Marcelo Menoita and Barbara Scholten and their business Durello Traditional Brazilian Foods. In less than a year they have established an award winning business right here on the Shore. They recently won a NZ Food Award (in the Convenience Category) with the Chicken Delight. Their Brazilian Cheese Bread also was a finalist in the NZ Fine Food Awards back in June. Channel Mags Aidan Bennett had a chat with Barbara Scholten during October.

Marcelo Menoita and Barbara Scholten moved to NZ from Brazil in 2008 with literally 10 suitcases and four children. The family has a “food” tradition which started with Marcelo’s mum, Neide Durello, many years ago. It is around Neide's heritage in food that Marcelo and Barbara have now built a business.
Neide Durello was born and raised in the countryside of Brazil, of Italian origins. She was one of nine children, which made her soon realise that love and affection combined with good food were essential ingredients for shared moments of happiness within the family. At the early age of 14, the young Neide was chosen by her mother to help in the kitchen, and that was where it all started. She was instantly hooked by the pleasure of preparing very simple food with extraordinary flavours.
More than 50 years later, Neide says she is always learning new ways. "We are constantly amazed to see how her homemade recipes are able to captivate so many different food lovers, in different parts of the world," says Marcelo Menoita. "Maybe it's because – as Neide says – her recipes start in her heart! They have certainly been a real hit here in New Zealand."
"It was a thrill to win the NZ Food Award at the national event held at the prestigious Langham Hotel," adds Barbara Scholten. "According to Ray McVinnie and Nici Wickes our Chicken Delights are absolutely delicious. It was a thrill that Jessie Mulligan also mentioned us on National Radio, saying that the Brazilian savouries were his favourites."
Durello Traditional Brazilian Foods only started trading in November last year when the production started in a small commercial kitchen in the city where every single cheese bread was rolled by hand. After just six weeks, Marcelo and Barbara had to re-structure as the orders kept on coming at a speed that they weren’t able to keep up rolling the Cheese Bread by hand. In April 2014, the company moved to larger premises closer to home in Albany and special machinery was imported from Brazil to produce the Cheese Bread and the Chicken Delights or the Coxinhas. Less than a year on they produce around 35.000 savouries a month.

About Durello's Brazilian Chicken Delights
Brazilian Chicken Delights – or Coxinha (pronounced ‘ko-sheen-ya’) – as it is known in Brazil, is the most famous Brazilian savory.
The inside consists of a soft shredded creamy chicken surrounded by a soft and buttery dough with a beautiful crispy crust. You’ll love it as an appetizer, or even part of your main dish. Enjoy! Coxinha was originally made with a chicken thigh, which its traditional shape is meant to resemble. In its modern form it may have been originated among the Brazilian Royal Family in São Paulo in the 19th century. Durello Brazilian Chicken Delights are purchased as a deep frozen product. It's very easy to prepare. You can deep-fry or shallow-fry it. For better results, thaw it for an hour or so prior to frying it. Enjoy!

About Durello's Brazilian Cheese Bread
Brazilian Cheese Bread – or Pão de Queijo, as it is known in Brazil – is a very unique Brazilian delicacy, crispy outside, and amazingly soft and chewy inside. It is made of a special imported Brazilian flour and selected New Zealand ingredients. Even though the flour used (Manioc starch) is gluten free, the machinery utilised may present traces of gluten. It is great as an appetizer, entrée, alongside with your preferred drink or even with your main dish. Its effectiveness is clear because of two basic reasons: It’s very quick and easy to prepare, and it’s suitable with any meal or drinks. Durello Brazilian Cheese Bread is purchased as a deep frozen product. You bake it from frozen, and it’s ready in 15 minutes.

Today, Barbara Scholten says that Neide Durello is thrilled that her second and third generations are bringing these delicacies to New Zealand, with the same care and dedication the family has prepared great recipes for all these years.
These items are available on the Shore at Farro Fresh, Nosh, The Milford Butcher and Mozaik Caffe.
For more information visit or like them on Facebook.

By Aidan Bennett
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Channel Magazine: Issuu 49 November 2014

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