• Alana Wright and the Beefeater range

    Alana Wright and the Beefeater range

  • Harvey Norman sales team member Alan Wright and the Beefeater Bug display in the Wairau Park store

    Harvey Norman sales team member Alan Wright and the Beefeater Bug display in the Wairau Park store

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Get ready for some serious barbecue performance
– BeefEater from Harvey Norman Wairau Park

With those longer summer days upon us you’re probably thinking about pulling your barbecue out and having a few friends over for some outdoor entertaining. But chances are that for the last nine months your barbecue has been sitting outside doing nothing but getting rusty. It’s a common and costly cycle that many New Zealanders experience: buy a new barbecue for summer, forget about it in winter, take it out for the next summer and realise it’s had it. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to throw away your barbecue every few years?
The team at Harvey Norman Wairau Park want to help you break that cycle and they’ve got the perfect barbecue for it: the BeefEater Barbecue, Australia’s legendary barbecue brand. With BeefEater, you’ve got a mate for life! Yes, it may be time to buy a quality long-lasting barbecue?
There's a good BeefEater range at Harvey Norman Wairau Park, including a very special deal on the Beefeater ‘Bugg’ Portable Gas barbecue at only $498 each ($747 with stand) and others priced from $1699.
For close to 30 years BeefEater has been making exceptional barbecues and are such a huge global brand that they’ve even been specified into luxury developments like the Palms in Dubai, and celebrities like Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are cooking with them.
Ask the team at Harvey Norman Wairau Park and they’ll tell you that BeefEater Barbecues are one of the toughest, longest lasting barbecues you can buy. BeefEater have used materials like heavy gauge stainless steel in their manufacturing process and have numerous patents and trademarks based around their designs and technologies. Unlike many other manufacturers that screw or spot-weld their frames, BeefEater frames are fully seam welded along the length of the joins so they are stronger, more rigid, and won’t allow fats to drip through any gaps. BeefEater is so confident in the strength of their barbecue frames that they offer a 5 year warranty on their 1100 and Discovery series models and a LIFETIME warranty on their Signature series models. BeefEater is clearly a grill built to last!
A BeefEater is not only tough – they’re great cookers too. Thanks to BeefEater’s unique vaporiser system you get a very even and very hot cooking surface that is very controllable. The burners on a BeefEater heat up so fast that there’s very little pre-heating time required. Simply turn a BeefEater on and within minutes you’ll be grilling. BeefEater’s vaporiser system also reduces fatty flare-ups whilst you’re cooking as the fats and juices that hit the vaporisers turn to smoke before they flame.
Plus there are the rust free cooking surfaces. All the cooking surfaces on a BeefEater are coated with a commercial grade porcelain enamel paint, which is baked on at very high temperatures. This means you’re cooking on a very tough and durable surface that is sealed to prevent rusting. Best of all this makes the BeefEater’s cooking surfaces non-porous and really easy to clean. And you don’t have to worry about residual flavours hanging around from the last time you cooked. This is all part of BeefEater’s “more time cooking, less time cleaning” philosophy.
Starting a BeefEater is easy with BeefEater’s Quartz Start Ignition. Simply press and turn the control knob and the burner ignites every time. There’s no batteries required.
Get to Harvey Norman Wairau Park and take a look at a BeefEater. It will most likely be the last barbecue you buy.
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By Aidan Bennett
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