• ANCAD staff – Seated from left: Anna-Louise Crane, Deb Humphries. Standing: Ruth Greenaway, Sandi Morrison, Leanne Royden and Yvonne Powley. Missing: Susan Moyle.

    ANCAD staff – Seated from left: Anna-Louise Crane, Deb Humphries. Standing: Ruth Greenaway, Sandi Morrison, Leanne Royden and Yvonne Powley. Missing: Susan Moyle.

  • Brian Putt, Board Chair of ANCAD.

    Brian Putt, Board Chair of ANCAD.

  • ANCAD Executive Officer Yvonne Powley.

    ANCAD Executive Officer Yvonne Powley.

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ANCAD (Formerly North Shore Community and Social Services)

Auckland North Community and Development Inc. (ANCAD) has been serving the North Shore Community for 40 years – and that’s an achievement worth celebrating.
Turning 40 in 2014 was a milestone. ANCAD started life in 1974 as North Shore Council of Social Services and in 1992 changed its name to North Shore Community and Social Services.  Brian Putt, the Board chair says “the organisation over the years has remained true to the belief that robust community and social service organisations and projects are essential to the development of resilient safer and well connected communities”.
ANCAD celebrates the fact that they have achieved considerable outcomes over the years in their ability to influence central and local government policies and practices for their member organisations as well as for the wider community.
The history of ANCAD recorded in their 40 year celebration document published after the 2014 AGM reads like the history of community development on the North Shore. The names of those community spirited people who contributed over the 40 years are the same people whose names appear in so many community and welfare groups over this period. They have been the life blood of providing a focus and strength to the needs and formation of community structures.
As part of their celebration ANCAD is creating a book Doing Good on Auckland’s North Shore, put together by Ruth Greenaway, award winning oral historian, and Yvonne Powley, a former award winning photographer, which highlights the work of community champions working on the North Shore.
Training, knowledge sharing and capability building is a key part of ANCAD’s work within the community. ANCAD adopts a strong community development approach in response to changing needs and issues in communities. They assist fledging organisations that require support, focus on projects and initiatives that actively encourage working together, and support communities to engage in finding new solutions to the complex social issues of our time.
ANCAD holds the largest community network meeting in Auckland North, as their community membership spans the five Auckland North local board regions. Their meetings are well attended and it is through engagement with their members and the wider community that they ensure communities’ voices are heard at a policy level. This focus has recently seen collaboration work in ANCAD’s project areas. Starting a collaborative journey with twenty plus agencies on the Shore has been challenging but exciting.
Executive Officer, Yvonne Powley says "we see this as offering greater potential for maximising resources, developing sustainable outcomes and greater community ownership and commitment in the courses of action. We believe this is where we can do our best work bringing agencies together and building strong sustainable relationships for positive social change”.  
ANCAD co-ordinates local networks such as the North Shore Child Focus Group and the North Shore Family Violence Prevention Network under the skilful leadership of Deb Humphries.
The ANCAD Flaxroots Planning Network project is a mechanism to maintain community involvement in planning their own communities and keeping them alive and flourishing, with groups firmly established on the North Shore in Milford, Campbells Bay, Coatesville and Paremoremo, as well as further across the Auckland region to Rodney, Waiheke Island and as far south as Patumahoe in Franklin.
ANCAD’s work with the Auckland Regional Methamphetamine Working group is an excellent example of collective impact where people are working together to solve large scale social issues and achieving some great outcomes.
The Tindall Foundation, a key sponsor and supporter has funded ANCAD’s “5 Good Ideas” programme for a number of years. This programme is extremely popular with ANCAD’s member groups and the wider community, particularly in the areas of improving governance, accountability reporting and how to go about accessing funding.  This work is seen by ANCAD as an essential service to the not-for-profit sector as it struggles to achieve viability in an environment of shrinking income, fewer volunteers and reduced funding opportunities.  
The current ANCAD Board remains pledged to deliver the highest level of community development service, support and guidance that they are able to achieve.  Board members, Brian Putt, Lisa Easte, Terry Hoskins, Professor Michael Belgrave, Dale Everiss, Maria Lafaele, John Brothers, Rev Peter Norman, and executive supporter, Sandi Morrison, deeply appreciate the funders and sponsors over the years whose confidence in ANCAD allows them to continue their work as a leader in new research, ideas promotion and information sharing in the fields of community development and social policy.
For a copy of ANCAD History please email info@ancad.org.nz or phone 094864820

By Aidan Bennett
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