A warm welcome...and a fond farewell
Claudia Renford, Crystal Sharp, Heather Vermeer, Aidan Bennett.
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A warm welcome...and a fond farewell

The news that one of this country’s most well-known chefs is opening a restaurant here in Takapuna, is a big pat on the back for the Shore. To attract a world-renowned restauranteur over the bridge is big news. And ahead of this issue, I met the man behind this hotly-anticipated food coup for the Shore; Josh Emett this month launches Madam Woo, the sister restaurant to his Queenstown-based hit, in our backyard. In making this choice, and as reiterated through his comments, he echoes a sentiment being felt with many; that this area is buzzing. 

The Lake Road site is in the process of being defibrillated as we go to print with this issue.  And come opening night later this month, will be abuzz with families, friends, partners, daters, sharing time and food with each other. It’s aesthetic appeal is sure to lift this previously lacklustre section of the street to a world class standard. And create some memorable times for those who visit. 

Josh’s passion and personable nature are a joy to witness. I’m sure everyone will join me in wishing Josh and his team well here on the Shore. He’s given the area his vote of confidence by being here, and we can decide how Madam Woo fares by voting with our feet later this month. Cheers for choosing here Josh! 

And another ‘cheers’ was said last month, this time through tears, to one of our offices’ stalwarts - a loveable character, Nelson Tyler. Nelson, worked at Channel’s publishing company, Benefitz for ten years as a driver and in the production side of the business. He sadly departed this world suddenly in May. ‘Nellie’ as he was affectionately known around work, was one of life’s real gems who could cut through a situation with searing truth and truckloads of humour. He will be missed by all. 



By Heather Vermeer

Channel Magazine: Issuu 55 June 2015

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