It’s The Taking Part That Counts, Right...?
Crystal Sharp, Claudia Renford, Heather Vermeer, Bridget Phillips, Aidan Bennett.

It’s The Taking Part That Counts, Right...?

As we enter November as Rugby World Cup Champions (or runners up - keeping this possibility in brackets I feel will help prevent it from happening for real after we go to print), it is not only our national rugby team’s chance to shine on the world stage, but the Shore’s time of year to really shine too. 

Summer! Time to come together and ‘take part’ like no other point in the year and there is certainly plenty to take part in here.  This month, there is a new date to add to the Shore’s events calendar - Saturday 28th November for Christmas By The Lake.  Lead by the indomitable Murray Hill at Milford Business Association, this event has been brought about by various organisations chipping in and resurrecting one of the Shore’s community Christmas get togethers of old.  Read more on pages 76/77.

As a public service (just in case the brackets happen not to protect the All Blacks in the final), I wanted to share some words I heard just ahead of the final clash with the Aussies. A documentary on All Black great Jonah Lomu was playing in the background as I was proofreading the mag. A comment Jonah made caused me to stop and take note. In the changing room ahead of each game, he said his prayers - and he wasn’t praying for victory. “It’s not about the winning,” he said. It was this sentence that caused me to stop, amid a week of nervous build up to possible historic back-to-back World Cup wins. “It’s about making sure the guys - on both teams - are protected on the field and have a good game.” He prayed that no-one got injured and they all played the best game they could. So whether it’s tears of joy or sadness that are spilling over into this month, I reckon Jonah’s got the right idea. 

Take part in all you can this summer! 


By Heather Vermeer

Channel Magazine: Issuu 60 November 2015

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