Making It Happen
Heather Vermeer, Crystal Sharp, Claudia Renford, Aidan Bennett
Tag: Community News

Making It Happen
Feeling the love for the 'can-do' people

The Shore and its people are glowing as we take strides into 2015 with the sun, sun and more sun we’ve been experiencing this summer. The beaches have been as busy as I’ve ever seen them and the Shore is buzzing!

Our February cover pays tribute to the eye-popping new complex that has brought a new dimension to Takapuna this summer and has people talking, for all the right reasons. How good it is to see Takapuna ‘turning around’ to face and maximise its greatest asset, the beach. 

Many creative, courageous can-do locals have managed to get this ambitious project off the ground and how well it is now up and running! The recent opening of the sizeable and simply stunning Regatta meaning this impressive cluster of high-end hospitality venues on The Strand is officially all open for business.  

We applaud the courage and vision needed to make this landmark complex happen with our cover feature in this issue. Another visionary project that has taken flight thanks to a whole lot of courage, community support and generosity, following a Channel cover story last year, is the Takapuna Playground project. In June, we featured the plight of local grandparents Jackie Kerridge and Chris Reeve in their bid to create a highly sought-after playspace for the area - a key community feature that has long been missing from the local landscape.  In this issue, publisher Aidan Bennett provides an update on progress made with this well-supported wish for Takapuna. 

We’re proud this month to present two magazines in one, with Northside magazine being published on the reverse of this edition of Channel. It’s hard to dispute the depth and breadth of young talent hailing from the Shore, and Northside is the annual publication from local philanthropic organisation the North Harbour Club that celebrates this. It showcases those 13-25-year-olds who have been assisted and applauded through the annual AIMES Awards. Many of the individuals featured in the various categories including Arts, IT Innovation & Science, Music, Education, and Sport, are already achieving success on a worldwide stage. The concentration of talent here is phenomenal. Have a read - you’ll have every reason to feel very positive about the Shore’s ‘young people of today’. 

Love is (hopefully) in the air this month and, amongst plenty of content we hope you’ll love,  we have a stylish selection of present ideas in our ‘Shop the Shore’ feature to help inspire you to give a gorgeous gift on the 14th. 

We hope you’ll be inspired by this month’s read.


By Heather Vermeer

Channel Magazine: Issuu 51 February 2015

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