• Will Martin, AIMES Award Winner (Music, 2010) and Judging Panel Chair Andrea Davies at the AIMES Awards launch held in late June.

    Will Martin, AIMES Award Winner (Music, 2010) and Judging Panel Chair Andrea Davies at the AIMES Awards launch held in late June.

  • Bright Ideas at 'Stellar' at Smales Farm from July 9th.

    Bright Ideas at 'Stellar' at Smales Farm from July 9th.

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Thinking about bright things...

This month I have been thinking a lot about rewarding our bright youngsters. For many years I have been fortunate to be involved with the North Harbour Club Charitable Trust. This is a group of our region’s leaders in business, education and public affairs who come together for the good of the region.This year the North Harbour Club is celebrating 20 years since a forward thinking group established the club back in the mid-90’s.

A key driver for the club is the annual AIMES Awards. This is a programme that unashamedly rewards excellence achieved by bright young people of the North Shore and wider North Harbour area. The AIMES Awards covers a wide spectrum – including the Arts (A); IT, Innovation and Science (I); Music (M); Education (E); Sport (S); and Service to the Community. High achievers in each of these categories are awarded monetary grants to assist them in their careers. A total of close to $1.7 million has been awarded since the inception of the awards. Up to $180,000 will be dished out in grants in the 2015 AIMES Awards.

Applications for the 2015 AIMES Awards opened in late June and close on August 7th. Judging will take place for around a two month period after applications close and then the awards will be made at a gala dinner held on Friday November 13th.

This year there is a new Junior AIMES Awards section (10 to 13 years of age) as well as the AIMES Awards (up to 25 years of age). Grants are also made in an Emerging AIMES Awards category. For more information visit: http://www.northharbourclub.co.nz

If you are a young person achieving high standards in what you do I encourage you to make an application. Or you may be reading this and know such a person, so please encourage them to apply. They could receive a grant of over $30,000 as the AIMES Award Supreme Winner; $15,000 as a AIMES Category Winner; $5,000 as an AIMES Emerging Talent Award recipient; $3,000 as Junior AIMES Award recipient.

Thinking about Bright Ideas...

The Smales family has always been a massive contributor to the North Shore community and they are doing it again with an initiative called 'Stellar' coming up for four nights this month at Smales Farm. A free event for all the family.

'Stellar: Bright Ideas at Smales Farm' will bring a magical glow to the Shore this winter. You are invited to come along after sundown and wander the enchanting pathway through seven magnificent light installations, each celebrating the arrival of the Matariki (or Seven Sisters) constellation in the winter night sky.

It sounds very special… you are invited to take the journey by foot as the stars look down and get a front-row view of the optic wonderland. Or, if the fresh winter air sounds a little daunting, be wowed by the seven compelling contemporary light installations from the comfort of your vehicle along the drive-through route. There will be food and refreshments on site, to make this a real night-time treat for families and friends to share.

Smales Farm Stellar is inspired by 2015 being UNESCO's International Year of Light, celebrating creative and intriguing ways of experiencing light in communities.

'Stellar: Bright Ideas at Smales Farm' kicks off on Thursday 9th and runs nightly until Sunday July 12th between 6pm and 11pm. Another great community event by the Smales!

By Aidan Bennett
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