Janet donates defibrillator to Candida Office Park
Janet Marshall donating the new defibrillator to Klaus Girardet of Candida Office Park.
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Janet donates defibrillator to Candida Office Park
Business in the Community: Janet Marshall

At Channel we love celebrating those who are active in the community. One such person is Colliers North Shore Commercial Manager and Associate Director Janet Marshall. Sure, Janet does well as one of the leading commercial property marketers north of the bridge, but what we love is that she really puts back to her community.
In previous issues of Channel we have highlighted her initiative to personally donate defibrillators – from her own pocket – to customers in business areas of the North Shore. These defibrillators can and will save lives.
Janet's most recent act of kindness is to donate a further defibrillator for use at the Candida Office Park on Constellation Drive. It is the third that she has donated, with the previous two going to Albany and Takapuna.
"The Candida Office Park defibrillator will be kept at the Mozaik Cafe and will be available for anyone who needs it in the park and the surrounding area of Constellation Drive etc." explains Janet Marshall. "I decided this was a good way of me giving back when one of my clients had a heart attack and had not realised what the pains were. If he had not received immediate medical assistance he would have died. I realised that many lose their lives as they may not get the appropriate treatment in time. A defibrillator can be used by anyone and can save a life."
Channel's Aidan Bennett put these questions to Janet Marshall and Klaus Girardet of The Candida Trust, the owner of Candida Office Park during a visit to the park in March.

AIDAN BENNETT: How did you get onto the defibrillators?
I had the idea and approached Mike Mander of Heart Saver based at Kumeu. He has been very good and has supplied the defibrillators and all the support we have needed around it.
AB: Are they easy to use?
Yes. We are having training for designated first aid staff at the offices at the park, but when switched on the defibrillator has a recorded voice that actually gives instructions on the procedure. Clearly, it is best to be trained though. But they say even a child could use it, the key is having it available.
AB: Why Candida Office Park?
I have worked closely with (owner) Klaus Girardet and (property consultant) John Dunn since the inception of the park and really appreciate the relationship. So it is a great way to give back, particularly at a time when the park is embarking on another period of exciting growth.
AIDAN BENNETT: There is an exciting new development underway at the rear of the park. Tell us about this? What will the park look like over the next five years?
Candida Office Park currently comprises three buildings. The Trust has recently committed to the development of ‘Building 4’, and associated car parking. Demolition of the old Candida Stationery Paper Store has commenced. Completion of ‘Building 4’ is anticipated mid-2016. This commitment is a reflection of the confidence that the trust has in Mairangi Bay as a strong commercial location.

AB: This area has changed substantially since Candida first opened the manufacturing facility on the three hectare site way back in 1979 – 36 years ago. Did you anticipate this growth of the area back then?
Candida Stationery established on this site in 1979. In 1979 the motorway ended at Tristram Avenue. The decision was based on a strong confidence for the future of the North Shore as a business location.
AB: You must be thrilled with this gesture from Janet to donate the defibrillator?
Janet is a very professional agent who has been a very strong supporter of Candida Office Park. Her professionalism and tenacity has been responsible for the introduction of a number of tenants to the complex. Janet’s very kind gesture is sincerely appreciated by the Trust and all occupants and visitors to the office park.


By Aidan Bennett
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Channel Magazine: Issuu 53 April 2015

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