Kathy shares her 'Never Fail Sponge' recipe
Kathy Rynne and her Never Fail Sponge.
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Kathy shares her 'Never Fail Sponge' recipe

Kathy Rynne’s love of creating is known to many a folk in Browns Bay. She has run Kathy Rynne Sewing in Clyde Road Browns Bay for more than 25 years, completing alterations and creating masterpieces such as ball gowns, wedding dresses or items made to order. Kathy also loves baking and cooking, so Channel Mag’s Aidan Bennett asked her to share one of her favourite recipes with us for this issue.

AIDAN BENNETT: What is your recipe and where did it originate from?
This is my famous Never Fail Sponge recipe. It was given to me by a good friend over 30 years ago.

AB: What’s the secret to making this recipe work?
I find mixing the jam and cream together for the filling makes a big difference.

AB: Why did you choose this recipe?
Because it's simple to make, takes only 15 minutes s to bake, it never fails and everyone loves it.

AB: What do you love about cooking and baking?
I enjoy it. It's almost therapeutic and everyone has a smile after raiding the cookie jar or cake tin.

AB: Self taught, or did you have a cooking mentor?
All self taught.

AB: What’s the biggest disaster you’ve had in the kitchen?
Trying to get my husband to cook.

AB: What’s your favourite cuisine?
Italian food is great. Lots of flavour.  

AB: What foodie spots do you and your husband enjoy visiting locally?
We enjoy most of the local restaurants and bars around the Bays.

AB: If you could dine anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
It would have to be somewhere warm. I've always wanted to go to Greece.

Kathy’s 'Never Fail Sponge’ recipe

Two eggs
Three ounces of cornflour
Three ounces of sugar
One teaspoon baking powder
One tablespoon of boiling water
Whipped cream
Raspberry/ strawberry or 3 berry jam
Icing sugar

Separate the egg whites from the yolks.
Beat the egg whites untill stiff.
Boil the sugar in the water until dissolved.
Add to the egg whites and beat.
Add the yolks and beat.
Then fold in sifted dry ingredients a little at a time.
Bake in a lined 8 inch sandwich tin for 15 minutes at 180c.
Mix the jam and whipped cream together.
Once cold slice the cake in half and add the whipped cream/jam mix to the center.
Sprinkle icing sugar on the top.
Strawberries can also be added on the top.

By Aidan Bennett
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Channel Magazine: Issue 79 August 2017

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