Paris Baker, 19-year old Glenfield club bowls champion

North Harbour Bowls with Lindsay Knight

Bowls is a sport with so many variables and fluctuations many might be reluctant to predict a bright international...

issue 87 may 2018

Cross Country Runners take Silver at World Championships!

<<Insert pic at top: ISF World Cross Country Silver Medallists: David Moore, Blair Hill, Zach Keenan,...

issue 87 may 2018

Worried about a spot that won't go away

The Skin Channel with Dr Grant Coe

Question: For the last few months I have had a small ulcer-like lesion on my nose that isn’t going away. I...

issue 87 may 2018


Call it the Kiwi “do it yourself” attitude – a high percent of us with rental properties...

issue 86 april 2018