Powerplay Pairs Bowls league on again

NORTH HARBOUR BOWLS with Lindsay Knight

The excitement and razzle-dazzle which erupted on North Harbour greens late in the 2017-18 North Harbour bowls...

issue 89 july 2018

Carmel College Basketball Fundraising Event

Carmel College Basketball players are on a mission: Fundraising to get their junior team to the...

issue 89 july 2018

Rugby Greats at North Harbour Club's Lexus Lunch

Ahead of the All Blacks v France Eden Park test on Saturday 9th June, rugby was the focus of the latest Lexus of...

issue 89 july 2018

Beach Volleyball Big Hitters

I Love My Sport: Holly Isherwood and Domi Menoita

Beach volleyball continues to grow in popularity as a competitive sport and two Shore schoolgirls are among the...

issue 89 july 2018