Milford Cruising Club

Meeting the demands of a growing community

At Channel Magazine and Benefitz we love highlighting and supporting sporting clubs doing great things in the...

issue 85 march 2018

Reigning Birdman champ becomes a real flyer

As we look forward to the 2018 event, 2017 Murrays Bay...

Last year when I entered the Murrays Bay Wharf Birdman Rally, I was the successful winner. My younger brothers...

issue 85 march 2018

Ace Beghin - A Shore Big Hit!

I Love My Sport: Graeme Beghin

With four runs needed off the last ball, opposition batsman Sam Borland smashed the ball high and long...

issue 85 march 2018

Milford Tournament a Real Success for Local Bowls

North Harbour Bowls with Lindsay Knight

One of the big success stories in North Harbour bowls over the past decade has been the major tournament for newer...

issue 85 march 2018