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July 2022

Saturday, 9 July - Saturday, 20 August
11:00 - 16:00

Stuart Bridson | Disassemble

Boy + Girl | This is What I Left You

Opening Day: Sat 9th July 2-4pm
On View: Tuesday 12 July - Saturday 20 August

Open Tuesday–Saturday, 11am–4pm
(Closed Sundays and Mondays)

August 2022

Sasha Alba: Objects I Hold
Saturday, 6 August - Tuesday, 30 August
10:00 - 16:00

Opening: Saturday 6 August 2-4pm

Given the increased importance of our home environments in recent times, Sasha Alba has carried out studies of domestic objects familiar to many living in Aotearoa. The items within these still life paintings tend to have feminine forms, mirroring the changes the artist is experiencing with pregnancy. Her artistic objective is to preserve and value collective memories of our domestic spheres, building a painterly record of the private, interior world many women inhabit in parallel to their public working lives.

Hapori: Members Show 2022
Saturday, 6 August - Tuesday, 30 August
10:00 - 16:00

Opening: Saturday 6 August 2-4pm

Depot Artspace is delighted to be inviting entries to its annual Member’s show in August this year, titled Hapori (community) to signify the embrace of our immediate and extended collective of creative individuals. Each year our Member’s show brings an exciting array of various media, styles, subject matter and personality.

For Members seeking inspiration in the lead-up to Hapori, here is something to get the juices flowing:
When you think of hapori, or community, what comes to mind? Is it your wider network of peers or your close whānau? The suburb you live in? The things you miss when travelling? Perhaps it is a community of individuals who share a niche interest or personal experience with you, whether this is a local ceramic group or friends from overseas. Is it your local coffee shop? Your neighbours? The bird life that fills your garden?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show with Hot & Flustered Shadowcast
Friday, 19 August - Friday, 19 August
20:00 - 23:00

Hot & Flustered Shadowcast present The Rocky Horror Picture Show, who perform the cult classic live on stage while the movie plays behind them onscreen.
The true American love story, following Brad (Barry Bostwick) and Janet (Susan Sarandon), who stumble across a transvestite scientist, Dr Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry). Through their elaborate dance and musical journey, they meet a houseful of wild characters and lose their innocence.
Get dressed up, to the movie or the theme, learn the dances, buy a prop kit, and enjoy the most immersive theatrical experience Auckland has to offer.

Kids & Teens Market
Saturday, 20 August - Saturday, 20 August
14:00 - 17:00

Come along to support our kids & teens and find yourself some treasures!

We have limited tables available, but still a few left to book. Tables are $10.

Email Rixt to book -

The Vic Open Mic Night
Thursday, 25 August - Thursday, 25 August
20:00 - 22:00

Our stage is open for poets, storytellers, musicians, magicians, word acrobats, pantomimes and everything in between!
Get in touch with Else at you are interested to perform, or just come along to support our shining stars on stage!
The open mic night is a free event.

Gravitas | A Group Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture
Friday, 26 August - Friday, 7 October
11:00 - 16:00

Gravitas is a group exhibition of sculptural artworks in bronze, fabric and metal that reinterpret ‘seriousness’ while expressing dignity, leadership and the importance of restraint and conceptual rigor in works by Elliot Collins, Te Waka McLeod, Gregor Kregar and Hannah Valentine.

On view from Saturday 26 August
Open Tuesday–Saturday, 11am – 4pm



Friday, 26 August - Friday, 7 October
11:00 - 16:00

MORPH represents the final body of work created by the twelve participants of Handshake 6. A creative mentoring programme, Handshake has for over ten years connected emerging jewellery practitioners from Aotearoa New Zealand with a mentor to help develop their creative practice over a two-year period. MORPH refers to transformation, this exhibition seeks to demonstrate that quality through the development of each participant’s practice that came together with both the engagement of the mentors and each other.

On view from Saturday 26 August
Open Tuesday–Saturday, 11am – 4pm

September 2022

Welcome to Hellansville - the chance of an 'after'-life time
Wednesday, 14 September - Friday, 16 September
20:00 - 21:15


That I Theatre Company proudly presents 'Welcome To Hellansville', a hilarious yet thought-provoking one act play written by James Carrick and directed by Liz Cannon. This dark comedy premieres at The Rose Centre, Belmont as part of the 2022 Auckland Fringe Festival.

Heaven and Hell need a re-set. Overcrowding has reached critical mass in both after-life options, so a more selective approach is urgently required. As undecided souls can no longer be accommodated in Heaven or Hell, God and Satan have collaborated on a new project to remove the non-believers from their respective operations. Hellansville is a shiny, new development designed to meet the needs of an increasingly secular society who have shuffled off this mortal coil but have nowhere to go. Before the project goes live, the top representatives from both sides meet to discuss the issues at hand; Michael the effortlessly cool Archangel and Malphas a powerful demon in a crumpled suit. Together they thrash out the details of Hellansville under the watchful eye of the mysterious Maureen. 

Enter Robert, the recently deceased guineapig. All Michael and Mal have to do is sell Robert the Hellansville dream. All Robert has to do is sign up for the deal of an ‘after’-life time. All Robert has to do is believe. A tough ask for a cynical, stubborn atheist.

Starring Jimmy Carrick, Ben Plummer, Suzy Sampson and Duncan Preston, the play delves into one of humanity's darkest questions, "Where do we go when we die?" Join the Angel, the Demon and the Atheist as they battle with their varying opinions on what is, what was and what could be, all under the watchful, omnipotent eye of the mysterious Maureen. 

Hilarious and highly tongue-in-cheek musings abound, with 'Hellansville - the chance of an after-life time' offered as a solution to the issues faced by Heaven, Hell and the world in general; overcrowding, all the wrong souls and far too many vegans.  

'Welcome to Hellansville' will be performed at The Rose Centre, Belmont, North Shore on Wed 14th, Thurs 15th and *Fri 16th Sept 2022 at 8pm. 
*The final show will include a post-show cheese and wine event where you are invited to a Q&A session with the writer and director. 

November 2022

Homes of Devonport
Friday, 4 November - Friday, 4 November
09:00 - 17:00

Mark your diaries and gather your friends for a fun and fabulous event Friday, November 4th an early-bird opportunity to get inspired for Christmas and beyond.
From classic villas to architectural gems, award-winning spaces and eclectic, colourful explorations – our hand-picked homeowners welcome you into their unique and personal abodes. Not only will you get a look behind the keyhole of exciting homes, but Christmas displays and homemade goodies will be on offer – all in aid of raising funds for important causes – Dementia Auckland, Harbour Hospice and Devonport Rotary Charitable Trust.

Tickets on sale September 1st.

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