Māori Storytelling Marks NZ Theatre Month

In celebration of New Zealand Theatre Month, we’ve asked Aria Harrison-Sparke, a young Māori theatre maker,...

issue 91 september 2018

Francis's Unforgettable Care

Francis Dunn remembers clearly the day he had his first heart attack. It was a Thursday in 1986 and he was...

issue 91 september 2018

Memories and Missions Accomplished!

Last month Bad Jelly and I decided to take three of the grandchildren (aged five, eight and 11) away for...

issue 91 september 2018

Fresh look for pennants competitions in 2018-19 season

Bowls North Harbour News: with Lindsay Knight

Though they have been part of North Harbour’s bowling scene since 2011, the centre’s pennants...

issue 91 september 2018