A Big Thank You to Our Volunteers

Last month New Zealand celebrated National Volunteer Week to recognise and celebrate the vital contribution of New Zealand’s 1.2 million volunteers across areas such as social development, the economy and the environment.

The PumpHouse would like to celebrate and thank all its volunteers and recognise the invaluable contribution you make to our arts community. 

Last year 7,251 people were actively involved in putting on a show at The PumpHouse - from lighting operations to costume making, and the vast majority of these people are volunteers. They gave up their time to create magic on stage at The PumpHouse Theatre.

We know that life is becoming increasingly busy, with longer working hours and bigger commitments, so thank you to those who choose to give their time to support those with a story to tell. 

Theatre is in our life to inform, entertain and educate us. Our love of storytelling is what makes us human. It simply wouldn't be possible without you.


What’s On:

Great White Man-Eating Shark and Other Stories

Three quirky tales by Margaret Mahy come to life on stage. Norvin loves swimming in the bay but wishes he could swim as fast as he can without other swimmers getting in his way. He finds a novel way to have the water all to himself. But is he alone? 

During the school holidays, encourage your children to dress up as their favourite character from the stories as there will be a Costume Parade just prior to the start of each show.

30 June - 21 July. General public tickets from $18.50.


The Changeling

Sometimes the one you love… isn’t the one you want.

Beatrice hires a hitman to murder her fiancé, only to become trapped in a vortex of lust and deceit. 

Few Jacobean tragedies match The Changeling for sheer audacity. Michael Hurst brings his trademark intensity to this remarkable piece. Filled with strikingly modern psychological insights, concerned as it is with the dark and deadly side of human nature, this play remains a vivid and potent reminder of the dangers of obsession and self-delusion.

Play dumb. Play dirty. Play false.

9 - 13 July. Tickets from $19.99.