A Busy Month for Milford…

Your monthly update from Murray Hill, Manager of the Milford Business Association.

It’s been a busy month in Milford. We had two great events that drew crowds to the town centre.

FOOD Truck Thursday  
The first time this event has been held in the central car park and what an outstanding success. The feedback from people who attended was extremely positive – comments were ‘a great vibe’, ‘fantastic setting’, ‘why hasn’t it been done here and ‘when’s the next one?’
Well, keep an eye out on our website www.milfordshops.co.nz and our FB page milfordshops (one word – someone else has set up a confusing milford shops – NOT our official site).
It was fantastic to see the car park space utilised as described in the Milford Town Centre 30 Year Long Term Plan (copy on Auckland Council website) as it truly turned the “Village Square’ into the community hub of MILFORD.

Vive La France
Our annual event had a great turnout for yet another year. The ‘Dodson Ave’ Café` was the largest outdoor café setting across the Shore on the day and those attending enjoyed the entertainment provided on the stage. Thanks to helloworld for providing the $1000 travel prize.

Coming up...Easter Art Walk
After the success of last year’s event, the business association has worked with the good folk at the Milford Baptist Church to produce our second annual Easter Walk – a very different experience at Easter.  
Come into the main street and start at the intersection of Dodson Ave walking down the street towards the Shakespeare Rd intersection. You will find a beautiful set of posters depicting the Easter biblical event – some truly fascinating pictures that I am sure you will enjoy.

Water Quality in Milford
There have been a couple of instances in this last month when there have been water quality/sewerage issues in Milford in the last month. The business association and the Milford Residents Association are working with local board member George Wood, on your behalf to find solutions to both issues.

Milford Residents Association
If you live in Milford, may I suggest you join the Milford Residents Association. They have a very informative monthly newsletter and are always to `the forefront in the local community when notices need to be broadcast around the community. The cost is minimal at $10/person or $20/family. To become a member, go to their website: www.milford.org.nz and click on ‘ABOUT US’.

By: , Murray Hill, Manager

Issue 85 March 2018