A space for young people to connect

Shore Junction is a youth innovation hub being created in the heart of Takapuna. It is being designed as a space for young people to connect, belong and grow. Shore Junction will offer youth-friendly facilities and integrated services that support innovation, learning, wellbeing and creativity, enabling young people to accelerate their potential and embark on their future pathways to success.

Shore Junction Planning Day Success!
On Saturday 13th July, the Shore Junction team hosted 23 young people from across the North Shore for a deep dive planning session. Shore Junction works wholeheartedly through co-design, the programmes, events and activities that become part of the Shore Junction programming will all be co-designed by youth, for youth.

Facilitated by the very talented Catherine Cooper of The Whiteboard Project, the young people were given tools to express their ideas and designs. Through art, conversation and Lego facilitation, the young people themselves came up with what Shore Junction needs to be for them, as the members and users of the facility.

Important themes emerged from the session: these young people feel they need to have a sense of value, that they are supported, equipped for life, fulfilled, mentally strong and that they feel useful to others around them. They want access to clubs where they can develop their interest areas, learn about new technologies and get a chance to try things hands on.

The young people want Shore Junction to be a space that they connect with other schools, meet new people to grow their own network of support, have the space to enjoy talking and creating with cultures and backgrounds different from their own, a space to feel safe to be themselves, express themselves and try new things without judgement.

Young people on the North Shore are passionate about bringing the community together, working to support local ideas and initiatives, at the same time building their own skill set and learning new things in a fun, safe environment.

"I want to make a positive change in my community, at the same time as developing my own personal skills and abilities." - Talei Boonen, Westlake Girl’s High School

These young people are some of the most self-aware people I have ever met. They know they have much to learn, but are so eager to share and collaborate to make for a better future. 

These young people are our future, we are extremely lucky to have them in our community on the North Shore.


Issue 101 August 2019