Benefitz at the New Zealand Open

Producing all the signage required for the 2024 New Zealand Open golf tournament held at Millbrook in Central Otago was a new project for Benefitz in January and February this year.

All the signage for the event was produced using solar power in our North Shore factory and shipped to Queenstown for installation.
We produced tee signage, green and fairway signage, printed fence mesh, directional signage, and decals for a range of requirements including 100 vehicles, large fabric prints for the hospitality, large banners for the exterior of marquees, for around the tv camera towers and for cladding temporary grandstands and other structures. We also produced cylinders to brand the moving ropes around the course. We produced and supplied fabric media and sponsors' backdrops. There was also a range of printing required, such as scorecards, menus etc.
Three interesting structures that we created which really made an impact at the event were the life-sized 3-D ‘103’ displays (it was the 103rd New Zealand open), two huge fabric archways to create branded entry areas and a temporary archway for sponsor Manuka Doctor, using an existing footbridge to clad onto.
Members of the Benefitz signage installation team were on hand at Millbrook in late February to assist with installation and application prior to the event. We loved being a part of such a great event!