• The Birkenhead Santa Parade.
  • Protect and enhance bush and urban green spaces; while promoting eco-development.
  • Good quality housing helps to define Birkenhead.

Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan finalised

Your regular update from the Birkenhead Residents Association

The Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan has now been finalised and will be launched during February. Thank you to everyone who has been ideas for the future of our neighbourhood.

Following community feedback on the first draft and discussions with our key stakeholders, the plan now includes a strong focus on key principles that provide an overarching vision of the community’s feedback and aspirations.

The community has a strong view on the special character and unique qualities of Birkenhead which is a combination of: high elevation with expansive views, heritage and stories, diversity of public spaces, extensive bush and parks, proximity to city and beaches.

In the feedback, there were common themes and ideas about what people like, want to retain or enhance and what else they want to see develop in the area.

It is our aspiration for the plan’s principles to guide all development in the neighbourhood. The following outlines the principles; in coming months we will tell you a bit more about each of them, along with related placemaking and planning activity.

Views and open aspect: Protect openness, expansiveness, sunlight and views of city, sea and bush.

Village feel: Create a sense of place and community where people can live, work, shop and play; in which they feel a sense of belonging and safety. The Birkenhead Santa Parade is an example of community engagement that creates the village feel.

Bush & green space: Protect and enhance bush and urban green spaces; while promoting eco-development. Protection of Le Roys Bush, Birkenhead War Memorial Park, Chatswood and other bush reserves, treasured by many locals, is a big part of this.

Quality built environment: Reflect Birkenhead’s character, heritage and diversity through high standards of design. Good quality housing helps to define Birkenhead. Preserving our heritage helps develop a sense of place and community

Connectivity and flow: Create connections and support walkability between spaces; provide and enable all transport modes.

What’s next: Planning is underway to consider what short-term activities can help us get started on enhancing our neighbourhood in line with this long-term vision through a range of place-making and community based initiatives. We look forward to providing regular updates through 2018.

Contact us at BirkenheadPlanning@gmail.com for further information or to get involved. Or visit: www.bra.org.nz