• Caitlin Blewden Co-Head Girl.
  • Student Leaders 2020 for Carmel College.

Carmel College Stays Connected

EDUCATION: Carmel College News

The Carmel College student community has remained positive and stayed connected during the lockdown. One of the ways the student leaders have achieved this is by creating a student-run website, called ‘Carmel Connected’ incorporating different activities, ideas, resources and challenges for the girls.

There are workouts, book reviews, recipes, funny videos, culture activities, a wide range of topics that provide ways for the girls to stay connected with one another and stay occupied. The site also covers wellbeing, stress, study tips and includes helpful links to resources surrounding mental health which is so important during this time.

Alongside the website, the student leaders have created online experiences for the girls to attend. From running a book club to cooking tutorials, from yoga to morning painting, they have tried to engage with everyone by running a wide range of activities for students to take part in before they start their online school day. This has also enabled the leaders to check in with their fellow students and make sure everyone is doing well and feeling connected. Carmel’s  Heads of Sport have been very active running weekly challenges and motivating the girls to stay active - for both their physical and mental health wellbeing. They set the Carmel community a challenge to log their walks and runs so they could collectively travel the length of New Zealand during a week. With student Ciara O’Neill running 19km on one day and plenty of others joining in the girls were smashing out the kilometres to conquer NZ!

“This time has most certainly been a challenge which has motivated and encouraged us to maintain our connection with the student body and continue to try and lead them with dignity and compassion.”

Carmel College Student Leadership Team