Celebrating one year

On the 1st August 2017, Jan and Corlize Britz are celebrating the 1st year of owning the North Bays Driving Miss Daisy Franchise right here on Auckland’s lovely North Shore.

They said: “We can hardly begin to explain the mixed emotions we experienced in this first year:  excitement, doubt, happiness, fear, exhaustion, exhilaration … all at the same time.”
The journey officially started on 1st August 2016 with 1 car and Corlize as the only driver. It was clear from the start that another car will be needed very soon. Helena Benade joined the North Bays team in October 2016 and Ursula Grube became driver #3 in February 2017.
Corlize embraced being a Daisy right from the start and she really loves her job. In her own words, she explains: “I love knowing that every day I can make a difference simply by offering a helping hand, a genuine smile and a cheerful attitude to brighten up the day of our much-loved clients. I never thought doing these small things would have such a big impact on my every day experience.”
Corlize knows that she cannot run the business without the helping hand and strong shoulders of her husband to lean on. “Jan is the back bone of the business - working hard behind the scenes by looking after the administration and finances. I really believe that together we make a great team. Jan oversees the books and he keeps the cash flow under control. We each have our own responsibilities and I think that is why it works so well.”
The North Bays team consist of 4 drivers between 3 cars. “We make sure each driver is carefully selected to create a team that consists of like-minded drivers with a passion for helping others. Having a reliable, friendly and trustworthy team is really important for us to give our clients the experience they expect from our Daisy team.”
Mark Tasker has expressed his appreciation towards this Daisy team by saying:

“I came across Driving Miss Daisy when I started taking my wife who has dementia to the Totara Club at Windsor Park.
Now I can go to bowls on Tuesdays fully confident that she will be collected from inside our home and returned into it by a wonderfully cheerful, caring person. What a wonderful service Corlize and crew provide! I do highly recommend them.”

“A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported us during our first year! Your loyalty shows us that we are heading in the right direction to delivering a unique and sought-after service. We are encouraged to keep going and growing as new clients come on board. Our regular outings and trips remind us that we are not just drivers, we are also friends. We look forward sharing more memories with all our clients.”
~ Corlize Britz.

If you have never experienced our special Daisy service, please mention this advertisement when making your booking during August and September 2017 for 10% discount.

  • Driving Miss Daisy Driver of the month February 2017 awarded to our driver Helena Benade.
  • Driving Miss Daisy Driver of the month June 2017 awarded to our driver Ursula Grube.

Corlize Britz, Driving Miss Daisy, North Bays
Phone: 09 473 8186 or 021 473 818

Issue 79 August 2017