• Dispensing Optician Sharon Ferguson.

Choosing the best!

Here at Haydon Optometrists we have always believed in giving our patients the best possible experience when it comes to their eye sight that not only starts with a comprehensive eye examination, but follows through to the way a new pair of glasses is dispensed.

It is for that reason that I have always employed a qualified Dispensing Optician. A Dispensing Optician qualifies after 2.5 years of study in all things to do with glasses. They are qualified professionals and are registered with Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians board. 

Why is it important to see a Dispensing Optician to organise a new pair of glasses rather than a sales assistant? They are trained to interpret prescriptions from an optometrist or ophthalmologist to determine the specifications for the lenses and makes recommendations based on the client’s occupation, hobbies, facial features and prescription. The frame selection plays a big part in how well your glasses will perform not only visually but they must also be comfortable. Dispensing Opticians are trained to ensure that the frame will work for you and your prescription and that they fit you correctly.

There is quite a lot that goes in to making a pair of glasses to meet your needs. A Dispensing Optician will take all the correct measurements and ensure the lens selection will work for your life style and working environment. Ensuring all the hard work that goes in to an eye examination is transposed in to a great pair of glasses.

Lens technology is changing so rapidly to keep up with our ever changing world so it helps to have an expert who can keep up with all the latest advances in this technology to ensure you have the best possible solution.

Sharon is my qualified Dispensing Optician; Sharon qualified in Sydney Australia in 1985 whilst managing a high fashion practice in Double Bay. Her passion for eyewear is well known to our clients, she is also responsible for hand picking the frame range at Haydons. 

Gillian is also part of the Dispensing team, she qualified in the UK as a Dispensing Optician before having children, and after her last child went to school we were lucky to have her join the Haydons team. 

If you have any concerns regarding your glasses or just want to organise a new pair of glasses , pop in today to ask Sharon or Gillian to help your through the process and if you need an eye examination first phone us today to make an appointment. 



Issue 85 March 2018