Commercial Property Management: The Maat Way

Located in Albany, the Maat Group focuses on commercial property investment (through arranging equity investment syndicates).  But this is only the start of our role. Following the purchase of the property for investors, our responsibility moves into managing the property as part of the $300m market value in our portfolio across the North Island, with our processes and standards forever under the watchful eyes of the equity investors!

Management of commercial property requires knowledge and experience as well as an understanding of the tenant’s business, including their future development strategies and associated property requirements. They pay the rent and are entitled to have the best possible conditions from which to operate their business.

Our wide spectrum of property management services includes not only facilities management (of the physical asset) but also lease negotiations; financial reporting and administration.

Maat offers this suite of services, not only for the large, public, syndicated properties but also to assist any independent landlord who no longer wants direct involvement in the management of their property.

It is essential for landlords to recognise that an investment in property carries associated risks, including those related to tenancies (and all associated costs of obtaining a new tenant); capital expenditure and unforeseen maintenance requirements; plus rising interest rates. To this inherent list can be added the very real risk of compliance with regulations in relation to the work place environment and property construction standards. Careful managing of cash resources is required to mitigate these risks by accumulating cash reserves which may be used in the future to fund the need as it arises.

The enhancing of the value of a property for an investor should be the primary goal of any property  manager. A focus on providing a high level of personal service, professionalism and integrity is required to form a strong, inter-active relationship with landlords.

Maat carries the name of the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Justice and Balance. We are committed to continuing these principles within our business.

To discuss your commercial property management requirements, you are most welcome to contact Natalie Bell either at the Maat office on 09 414 6078 or on mob. 021 195 9937 or email

Issue 89 July 2018