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We thrive on working with our clients to create bespoke homes ideal for them and their families which is why we were so excited to help create this brand new home in the beautiful Weiti Bay.

Our clients wanted something striking and elegant that captured the breathtaking natural surroundings.
We worked with our clients and our design team to create this 263m2 custom architectural masterpiece.  Enveloping this build is cedar shiplap cladding which has been lightly stained to allow for the natural grain in the timber to show through, helping to give this home a soft natural feel.  
With 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms this home is sprawled across the section on one single level allowing optimal views and entertaining spaces which open out on the horizon swimming pool.  Clever use of pool fencing means uninterrupted views of the ocean when you are taking a dip.
Espan roofing and APL profiled joinery adds contrast and depth to the home whilst continuing the clean lines that the cedar creates.
As a multi award-winning builder, we pride ourselves on providing a positive experience, from design inspiration and aspiration, to accountable service and high quality construction and delivery.

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Issue 112 August 2020