Greetings and Happy New Year from The Rose Centre

2017 ended with a real bang, as concerts and shows from all kinds of groups attracted hundreds of people through the place weekly. It was tremendous fun!

2018 begins as a year full of promise. Our first Rose Talks are being scheduled as  i write. The Rose Talks is an idea inspired by the acclaimed TEDTalks. We're looking for interesting locals to present on topics that will hold an interest for the wider community. Entry to the RoseTalks will be by gold coin koha only, and they'll run at 7pm in teh evenings starting hopefully in May. Our first talks have a Devonport Peninsula history angle, one focussing in particular on local Maori settlement which will be very, very interesting! Watch this space!

Did you get a new email address recently?

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Birthday parties

We're becoming a very popular location for larger birthday parties. Kids and seniors both love our location. With two playgrounds at either end of the Rose Centre and plenty of room for an inflatable castle or suchlike, we're great for the kids. If you want to go crazy you can even hire the theatre and attach a gaming console to our system and play games on the big screen.

For the less child-like activities, we have a lovely set of rooms that can be dressed the way you want them and an indoor/outdoor flow to our balcony. There's plenty of room for outdoor catering set ups and of course we have a large domestic-level kitchen available.

Come in, take a look at us, chat about ideas and let's see if we have a date you'd like. Still lots of weekend dates available in March.

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Issue 84 February 2018