• Periodontal disease

Gum health's crucial role in preventing systemic diseases

Unlocking the vital link

Mint Dental Hygiene, led by Nova Edgcombe, unveils the crucial link between gum health and systemic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and dementia. Extensive research firmly establishes this correlation, starting with gingivitis symptoms like bleeding and swelling and progressing to periodontitis, causing gum recession, bone loss and tooth loss.

The mouth's environment, dark, warm, and moist, fosters bacterial growth, nourished by consumed food and drink. While precise mechanisms aren't fully understood, experts recognise the significant connection between oral bacteria and overall health. Gum disease's bacteria and toxins can enter the bloodstream, threatening other organs. Shockingly, the World Health Organisation reports over half of adults suffer from gum disease.

Gum health mirrors overall well-being, and Mint Dental Hygiene prioritises prevention. Nova Edgcombe BSc RDH, specialises in comprehensive dental hygiene, emphasising the intricate link between gum health and overall well-being. Their proactive approach includes dental cleanings, personalised hygiene plans, and patient education in a non-judgmental, relaxed atmosphere.

Choosing Mint Dental Hygiene means investing in a healthier future, reducing dental and systemic risks, thereby enhancing your life. Schedule an appointment via mintdentalhygiene.co.nz to embark on your path to improved health.

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