Hear for the holidays!

The upcoming holiday parties, gatherings and social events are a fun time for celebrating and reconnecting. However, for people with hearing loss, noisy group gatherings can be stressful and tiring.

Here are six tips to help you hear better for the holidays:

1. Be sure your hearing aids are working well and your ears are clear of wax. Book in for a check before the silly season starts.

2. Use a partner mic with your hearing aids, or you may be able to turn on this function via your iPhone.

3. Let others know if you’re not hearing well – cup your hand behind your ear (the universal signal for trouble hearing). You’re probably not the only one having trouble.

4. Sit on the couch for conversation – soft, squishy things help sound quality. Get out of the kitchen if you can – it’s noisy in there with utensils and extractor fans. Try a quiet corner or go outside.

5. Claim a good spot at the table if you can. Look to sit in the middle of the table, but away from the kitchen if possible.

6. Talking to family from overseas? Turn on virtual captions for online video calls. You may need to ask the call ‘host’ or check Settings.

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