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"Here we go again"

It’s a bit of deja-vu being back in level 3, just when we all thought life was slowly returning back to normal. We’ve been through it before, so although it feels as if we’ve been thrown straight back into the deep end, at least we can make use of some of our past knowledge to help us get through this second wave of lockdown.

At this point, we’re well informed with how to stay away from the virus and keep ourselves safe by practising good hygiene, washing hands, wearing masks, and scooping up the last of the hand sanitiser before it sells out. The supermarket lines are an inconvenience we have been conditioned to, and we know the importance of not missing anything on the weekly list. In a way the virus has forced us to be more focused and organised when meal planning – a positive routine to pick up for any busy household.

Old hobbies come back into play when we’re stuck at home, and a lot of us have picked up something we haven’t done in a while and discovered a newfound joy for old habits. It’s sort of a blessing in disguise, to have the spare time for yourself to be able to get back into such things. I’ve managed to pick up journalling again, which is something I stopped for a long time but it feels great to be doing it again.

It’s yet another chance to take a step back from that busy lifestyle, take a breath, and treat it as a kind of a mid-year break from the rush and chaos we get so used to every day. It’s so important during such unprecedented times to look after yourself and try and find the positives in the madness of this year.

Of course, a lot of things have changed and working from home is very different for a lot of us. It’s a bit easier this time round. We have nailed the Zoom calls, sorted out the best pyjama pants to stay cozy in all day, and adjusted the alarm clocks in the morning for that extra half hour of sleep you wouldn’t get if you had to make the commute to the office.

This shake-up has thrown me on my head a little bit in terms of finally being back on the university campus, and making overdue plans with friends. It’s been hectic and a little scary, but it's not too hard to adjust and adapt once again.

I’ve been coping by spending a lot of time outside with the few bursts of good weather we’ve been blessed with, and taking time out to watch the sunset. Family bubble time has brought on a whole lot of card game tournaments, trying out new recipes, and re-watching old favourite movies. It’s easy to find negatives in this whole ordeal, but my advice is to clutch onto all the positives that you can find and enjoy laying low while life has come to a kind of halt. All we can do is buckle down, use our knowledge from last time, and do our part to get past the virus and back to normal.

Issue 113 September 2020