How to find a good tenant

Finding a good tenant is crucial for landlords who want to maintain their property's value and ensure a positive rental experience. It all starts with presenting a well-maintained property that appeals to potential renters. Here are some key steps to follow to find the perfect tenant.

Property presentation: A clean, tidy, and well-presented property will attract more tenants. Before listing the property, ensure it is in top condition. This includes: house washing, gutter cleaning, tidying gardens, mowing lawns, and cleaning both the interior and exterior thoroughly.
Accurate pricing: Research comparable properties in the area to determine a fair rental price. Over-pricing may deter potential tenants while under-pricing could lead to missed revenue. If you’re not getting solid interest in the first seven to 10 days, this often means the asking rental is too high.
Modern amenities: Tenants are drawn to properties with modern kitchens, bathrooms, and ample storage space. Using areas like a garage or shed for storage of the landlord’s possessions is not recommended. Homes in modern condition have the most demand and attract premium rents.
Effective marketing: List the property on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience. High-quality, accurate photos and clear, detailed descriptions in advertising are essential.
Include maintenance: If the property has a feature garden, spa or pool, include maintenance and upkeep in the rent to attract more tenants, while ensuring specialised maintenance is undertaken.
Property viewings: Schedule viewing times appropriately for working professionals, taking into account location and traffic. Arrive early to viewings and be prepared to answer any questions potential tenants may have.
Streamline applications: Make the application process straightforward, while collecting all the information you need, and act promptly on vetting potential tenants. Conduct thorough background, reference, and credit checks to ensure the suitability of applicants.
Clear communication: Keep lines of communication open with tenants throughout the letting process. Ensure the terms of the tenancy agreement, including deposit and bond collection and tenant responsibilities, are clearly understood by both parties.

By following these steps and prioritising the needs of both the property and potential tenants, landlords can increase the likelihood of finding a reliable and responsible tenant for their rental property.

Louise Benson, Head of Property Management
Barfoot & Thompson Milford
027 431 9536