Importance of Bond collection

Residential Property Management with Quinovic-Takapuna

We understand that many landlords do not fully grasp the importance of Bond collection from tenants and lodgement with Tenancy Services. Some see it as a lengthy and tiresome process. At Quinovic-Takapuna, we have vast experience in the property management game, and we can't stress enough the importance of an official bond lodgement.

"Most landlords that we have dealt with in recent years reiterate the importance of collecting full bond entitlement," says Graeme Henderson, franchise owner of Quinovic-Takapuna. "It is too often that landlords get themselves into a situation where they have to fork out for damage to a property because they have not charged the tenant a proper Bond."

What we recommend is that the landlord should charge the equivalent of four weeks rent as a bond, to cover all bases. When the landlord collects a bond, they must give the tenant a receipt, and forward the payment to Tenancy Services within 23 working days.

If a landlord is to charge an official bond the money cannot be held in a private account, it does not belong to the landlord. The bond is the tenant's money that is held in a trust by the government, where at the end of the tenancy the tenant can claim the bond back.

Lodging a bond protects both the tenants and landlords interests. At Quinovic-Takapuna, we are property managers who are skilled in dealing with the type of paperwork that is involved with bond lodgement. Quinovic-Takapuna experience prevents errors and delays, which is something that can occur when dealing with bonds.

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