• Joshua.

Linking Potential With Success

Here at YES we are passionate about young people with disabilities following their dreams and achieving their biggest goals. That is why we have created Carabiner; a mentoring program aimed towards creating opportunities for young people with extraordinary challenges to live their dream by linking potential with success. In addition to supporting them to achieve their highest goals, the process also fosters self-growth and an increase in confidence while also providing access to new networks and social opportunities.

Various young people who have been a part of Carabiner have gone on to do amazing and wonderful things. One young person’s dream was to become a singer/songwriter. They were linked up with a person who shared a similar passion who also had real-life experience in this area. Another person’s dream was to be able to coach a sports team. They were paired with a person who was skilled in refereeing and coaching while also attending a course in this area.

Currently we have a young man with plans to develop an app that will go a long way towards greatly enhancing the lives of people with disabilities in the community. We are going through the process of finding him the best mentor that shares a similar passion for creating apps that impact the wider community.

Joshua has been working on creating his own business as a graphic designer and after having some success, he decided he would love to have a mentor to work alongside with while learning about the deeper aspects of creating and running his own business. Joshua recently met with a potential mentor and is feeling extremely excited and enthusiastic to see what will develop in the coming months.

YES is thrilled about all of the matches that have been made and we are looking forward to making many more in the future!


By: , YES Disability Resource Centre News: with Sonia Thursby (CEO)

Issue 86 April 2018