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New planting in Browns Bay
I’m pleased to announce that a major replanting of the majority of the gardens on council land is going to be started this month. These are gardens that have not been tended to for some time through the council system, so the business association has brought a number of parties together so that we can ensure our town centre looks attractive.
The major group who will be co-ordinating volunteers to do the work is the Browns Bay Rotary Club. Over a number of weekends they will be weeding and planting all the flower beds. We have also had assistance from our local board, Ventia and Landscape Solutions – the council contractors in charge of gardens.
We will also be encouraging private land owners to ensure the gardens and grass verges on their properties are also neat and tidy so that we can all have a sense of civic pride. If you are interested in volunteering, contact me by email at admin@brownsbay.org.nz. Most of the work will be done on Saturday mornings.

Even though the weather on the Saturday was a bit blustery, we had an estimated 10,000-plus turn up over the weekend. With three films and three concerts this was certainly a full-on weekend of entertainment on our beautiful beach front.
Special thanks to Peter Allen of Seven Events who assisted the business association in providing a top quality event and co-ordinated the events of both days. He worked tirelessly to ensure everyone enjoyed themselves – I know, as I assisted him for 26 hours over the two days but he was there even more than that. A huge undertaking!
Also a thank you to all those who attended. You were an awesome crowd – no trouble whatsoever and your attention to our signage regarding rubbish was impeccable. All rubbish, recycling etc. went into the correct bins and the beachfront was left clean and tidy. I would also like to thank Grant at Ventia, who arranged extra collections for the council bins along the beachfront – it showed how when everyone works together you can get a clean environment after such a large event.

Fishermen Rescued
An interesting life saving event happened during the Sunday Jazz Concert. One of our Red Badge Security team spotted some people in trouble in the water. A quick run along the beach and I was fortunate to find the Coastguard tractor waiting for their vessel to return. To cut a long story short, the vessel diverted to the area where the people were in trouble and rescued them.
They had been fishing in a kayak just off the beach when it took on water and they ended up in the sea. By the time Coastguard arrived they had been in the water for over 20 minutes and although there were over 1000 people on the beach front, no-one else had seen the problem. Even the fishermen’s family, who were sitting on the beach, were not aware they were in trouble.
It was a great feeling being part of a community action that saved some people's lives. I spoke with Chris at Coastguard afterwards and he said to let everyone know that if the local Coastguard are not available dial *500 on your cellphone – your call will go direct to Coastguard Operations Room. Put the number in your mobile phone now – you could save a life by doing so.

Security at night
There has been some unacceptable behaviour in Browns Bay recently and I just want to assure you there is a plan in place to put an end to it. The business association is working closely with the Police, the Hibiscus Bays Local Board, our own security company, Matrix Security and the Community patrols, to remove the ring leaders and stop them coming back.

Murray Hill
Manager, Browns Bay Business Association
Email: manager@brownsbay.org.nz Insta: @brownsbay_beach
Website: www.brownsbay.org.nz  FB: @LoveBrownsBay

By: , Murray Hill, Manager

Issue 86 April 2018