Parenting With a Disability

New Zealand has come a long way in providing care, support and inclusion for people with disabilities. More time and effort has been going into figuring out what is needed within our communities to ensure that people lead fulfilling, successful and happy lives without unnecessary barriers or obstacles being in the way.

A lot of emphasis has made on bettering the lives of children and adolescents with disabilities, as well as creating equal opportunities for people with disabilities in general. While there is still much more that needs to be done in these areas, there is one aspect that seems to not get much attention at all, yet is just as important as education, equipment and employment:

The 2013 disability survey found that there was 967,000 people with disabilities over the age of 15. This number would have increased over the last five years and many of those people would have been parents, or will become, parents. People who are deciding to become parents, have recently had a child or would just like to find some parenting advice can get a lot of information just by doing a quick internet search.

There are many avenues available to parents for various aspects of parenthood; trying to find quality information for parenting with a disability, however, often fails to bring up any information.

There are many forms of adaptions which make homes more accessible or daily routines a little easier, but what about when it comes to making parenting more accessible? There are also other things to consider such as law and rights when parenting with a disability.

YES Disability Resource Centre is looking forward to work more closely with parents who have disabilities and bridge the gap between services and opening up other opportunities out there in our communities. In the near future we are aiming to have groups, workshops and many other amazing things focused on parenting with a disability, by parents with disabilities.

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By: , YES Disability Resource Centre News: with Sonia Thursby (CEO)

Issue 87 May 2018