Practising guitar

Playing guitar is a lifelong journey. The beauty of it is that there is so much to learn that you’ll never get bored; the downside is that it can sometimes appear overwhelming. So, let’s focus this month on how to practise effectively.

Make a schedule

It’s important to establish a consistent, regular practice schedule. Book in the time, and plan in advance what you are going to practise. Like anything, you need to make time for your guitar playing.

Get motivated

What are you working on and why? Be clear on the path to your long-term musical goals. A good teacher will provide the right materials and give you the motivation to practise them.

Get organised

Have everything you need set up and ready – guitar, music stand, materials, metronome, any backing tracks you need etc. That way it’s easy to get straight into practising. (Ideally have a dedicated room or area where you can leave everything set up.)

Eliminate distractions

Let your family know you’re practising and not to be disturbed. Turn your phone and notifications off. This is your chance to shut out the world and focus on your guitar playing!

Healthy practice

Guitarists are upper body athletes – make sure to warm up before, drink water during, and stretch after practising. It’s also good to practise standing up sometimes. Your hands may get a tired but if you experience any pain, stop for a break.

Don’t forget to just “play”

It’s important to learn more, work hard and practise to get better, but always make time to have fun just jamming, playing songs, being creative etc.

A great teacher will help you to make the best use of your practice time to get the fastest results.

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Issue 126 December-January 2021