Call it the Kiwi “do it yourself” attitude – a high percent of us with rental properties generally manage them ourselves. But as Quinovic Takapuna business owner and property management expert Graeme Henderson points out, self-managing invariably proves riskier, more expensive and stressful than owners realise.

That’s why in Australia by comparison, most rental properties are managed by professionals.

Graeme says his clients generally profit from better rental income, more reliable tenants, shorter gaps between tenancies, and better maintained properties that are compliant with current tenancy legislation; benefits that eliminate the stress of self managing. 

“Self managed properties often remain vacant longer and are rented below market value,” he says. “There’s also the risk of letting to an unreliable tenant through the typical Kiwi trait of taking people at face value.”

“Interestingly,” Graeme says,” we have many tenants who will not go to self managed properties again due to past bad experiences. With us they know they will get professional service and the property will be compliant with recent legislative changes.” 

Graeme says increasingly owners are leaving their property management to companies like Quinovic Takapuna because the alternative becomes too hard.

“I’ve seen owners avoiding rent reviews through not wanting to upset a good tenant.  Many landlords won’t start property viewings before the tenant moves out because the tenant will not co-operate or a personal relationship has developed,” he says. “So, each time they lose around 3 weeks rent!”  

Graeme says Quinovic establishes strict tenancy standards for cleanliness, maintenance and ‘wear and tear’ and so avoids having properties unrented.  

The company thoroughly vets prospective tenants, regularly inspects properties, arranges maintenance, and manages the bookwork for tax purposes, with weekly rent simply deposited in the property owners’ accounts as the money becomes bank cleared.  

“Compare that to the time, cost and hassle of managing a property yourself!”  

Graeme adds, “We make the whole process easy for the property owner, let us show you how we are different. We offer a free rental appraisal for your property with absolutely no strings attached.”

For more information call Graeme Henderson at Quinovic; Phone 449 2004, 021 928 261 or email;